• Public Sector Consultancy

    Providing key communication channels between
    businesses and government

Government Relations Management

Navigating the modern global business environment to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls, is a challenge for any entrepreneur, business or corporation.

We provide a broad spectrum of services to institutional and private clients assisting them to achieve their business objectives in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates in the most efficient and expedient manner.
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Private to Public
Sector Relations

Our strategy combines public policy, capital markets and sector-specific expertise to provide a unique offering that enables you ‎to seamlessly operate at the critical intersection between businesses and governments.‎
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Private Sector Relations and partnerships

We provides support to the private sector, particularly Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to build and strengthen their management and technical capacities in order to better compete in the Abu Dhabi market
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Market entry and economic development strategies

We develop customized strategies for doing business in Abu Dhabi and the wider United Arab Emirates and provide access to opportunities for business growth and development

Regulatory compliance and service-quality improvements

We help clients traverse the complexities of the UAE government regulations which allow you to elevate your organization to new levels of performance and improve customer satisfaction

Market or technical feasibility studies                                

We conduct detailed analysis of the Abu Dhabi market which is used to determine the viability of their idea prior to actually proceeding with the development of a business or project. 

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